Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samples And an Update....Two Bits.

Here are some peripheralisms from the MOGmobile.

The foreground is the MOGmobile, the background is another project that is sharing the room with us. The manager of the Watershed Building is putting a lift kit on his burner rig.

These are some samples testing for color, density, DNA

Don't Ask.

First ball attempt using a balloon failed when some rascal with a pea shooter popped it.

Birth of the ball with a yoga ball inside.

Here is how the MOGmobile looks tonight.

Monday, February 22, 2010

10,000 Years Of Fiberglass Experience

It is a fortunate occurrence when you have the opportunity to do what you do best. Kapow Design boasts a cumulative ten thousand years of fiberglass experience!
We have everything under control.!!

Thanks to the folks over at for spotlighting the mogression of the MOGmobile! Much appreciated. Just for the record, beyond the technology we are integrating as far as gear goes, we should mention the fabulous efforts of the unrecognized freaky scientists who came up with the polymers and the ketone configurations that make this monster possible! If you see a piece of plastic or some polyester resin today, stop and give it a lil kiss.
I guess I better hurry up and finish this beast.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Things You Don't Want Your Client To See

I'm going out on a limb here because that is where I feel most comfortable. Here is a link that will let you see live action MOGmobile fabrication, thanks to Dead Letter, the manager of the Watershed building. There will be action between the hours of 8 and 8 every day, give or take a few hours on both sides. If you see anyone in a Function Shirt slacking off, please send me an email and I will have them replaced.
The MOGmobile is progressing with deadline fervor. I am picking polyester resin out of my hing hong as I type. My hope is to post frequently but my fear is that the MOG brass will panic at the sight of an out of context process image. Sometimes are not the best times for a client to see a work in progress. Back at Carlton House Restoration, Kenny had a process by which he would actually light a table surface on fire with some alcohol to bring out some orange hue from the wood grain. Not the ideal time for the client to stop in for a look. The MOGmobile is in a similar state right now. Hopefully not on fire, but you never know with that resin. Mix it a little too hot and we will have more orange hue than we know what to do with!

We are basically building out the van with foam which we will fiberglass over. Then we will give the bald bambino 24,000 beautiful blue hair plugs, add a psycko sound system and send her down south.
Below are some images of the mogression.

We actually used whipped cream to form the fenders.

Here is the van with the plug- pre glass

This is the scene here. It is like a work hurricane.
Taking form.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

MOGress Report: The Bar Has Been Set High.

The bar has been set high by Polly Ward from Hammer and Fabric.

She works out of her garage shop she shares with her boyfriend in Eagle Creek Oregon and she slew this project. I asked for a fur tuck and roll made from the hides of the elusive Orange Harp Seal and its baffling cousin the Blue Harp Seal. I don't know how she got them but she did. We spoke about the colors and some general concepts and she pretty much knocked it out of the park. I asked her to go with her inspiration and gave her a lot of freedom with the details of the design. The seats and the flowing musical graphic sewn into the door panels are Jamaican Blue Lizard, a hide even more rare than how I like my steaks, and that's very rare. Now it has become a primary goal to make sure the interior isn't the best part of the vehicle! And that ain't no gimme. Thank you, Polly!

I also have to thank my pal Doug Hoeschler for taking some of these pics for me.