Monday, June 7, 2010

It's A Blub Blub Thing

Duct tape, staples, screws, blue foam, luan, chicken wire, wood glue, gorilla glue, expanding foam, zip ties, polyester resin, gum and Spandex are some of the materials I removed from the MOGmobile dome to make room for the brain.  In the wine world MOG stands for "material other than grapes".  I think it refers to earwigs and things that find their way into the wine.  They are allowed to have a certain % of earwigs.

So I removed all the material other than MOG that constituted the plug upon which we laid the fiberglass.
This is to make room for the new roof mounted remote control arm mechanism (garage door opener) and the AC unit.  It will also house some lovely lights to back light the brain and eyeballs.

The chicken wire that I pulled out tells the story of how blub blubs drill.  Sometimes  the chicken wire would catch the drill bit and wrap around it, wreaking havoc beneath the fiberglass shell, as it augered up sparrows' nests of junk drawer plug debris.  What makes it such a blub blub thing is the effort and determination it took to make these gnarly knots.  They are like wasp nests.  Some are so tightly bound, I can't imagine why the blubs didn't stop drilling and reverse it.  I love the resolve but the execution is questionable.  It did make for some nice photos.