Monday, May 17, 2010

Giant Chocolate Roommate

We have a new roommate.  A 70 Kilo sack of Rio Caribe, '10!  Trinitario cacao beans from Venezuela!  Fermented for 5-6 days and dried in the South American sun.  Our house smells like a yummy plummy vinegar.  I am looking forward to the explosive aromas we will be releasing when we roast these puppies and crunch them up.

My mind is working like a taffy machine in some silly town as my schemes drift from the MOGmobile  to my chocolate fantasy to my burgeoning baseball buddy (Leo) and back.  I have been gobbling more chocolate than ever before, drawing pictures and making models of the MOGmobile components, and playing baseball with my kids on the grassy school yard at the end of our block. On top of it all, it has been a beautiful Springtime here in Portland.  I hope I didn't jinx it.  Has there been any research into the potential jinx effect of blog content? If the jinx effect is valid, can it be manipulated or tricked?  I better turn the old taffy machine off now.

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