Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Presenting The MOGmobile Interior!!!

This used to happen to me when I kept a diary. I am a busy guy and if I don't keep up with myself I get a little concerned 
that I am not giving all of these interesting things I am doing their due. Whaddaya gunna do?. Some kind of digital haiku would be nice but that would turn into a thing that might warrant a post of it's own.
Below are some images of the MOGmobile interior. What a rig. I wished I had documented the process a little more 
vigorously but my hands always had tools in them, which makes it hard to type. There was some good drama with the 
arm mechanism but everything else went pretty smoothly.



Casting Couch

Polly's Backdoor

Nutgland #1

View From Nutglandseat


  1. Are these fans Japanese? Have you any idea what they are saying? Ask the kids. x,ma