Sunday, September 26, 2010

Round III

Round III starts Monday.  I can't get enough of those sticky grapes and earwigs.  Although the vintage is looking ifey, my duties remain the same.  It is just as laborious to make crappy wine as it is to make great wine, as far as I am concerned.
I bought a new pair of Bean boots. Screw those Blunstones that all the real wine geeks wear.  Too much time  on the vineyards rob you of your sense of fashion. Duck boots are where it's at. Ask Madeline Weeks.

“It’s definitely a good look,” said Madeline Weeks, the fashion director of GQ. “But the proportion of the boot and the pants has to be right. You don’t want to the boots to be too short or too tall — say, four to six inches above the ankle, or up to eight if you’re really going to go there.”
Before I dive into the juice I need to crank out one more project from my pathetic manufacturing facility.  Pa from Little House on the Prairie had a better set up than me.  It continues to rain in my factory long after the rain outside has stopped.  The only power is run through extension cords coming from my back yard and the cords sizzle in the Oregon mud puddles.  I can't believe this structure even passes for a garage.  Drive in there and you can't open the doors to the car, it's so friggin' small.  You could crawl out the sunroof but you would mush your head on the soggy broken rafters. You can't light a cigarette in there on a balmy day, it is so drafty.   I am starting to embrace the idea that my design career is doomed and that chocolate will be my savior.  It kind of kills me that I can't succeed in design but what are you going to do? Make chocolate. 

Drove down to Eugene to pick up a 70 kilo sack of Ocumare beans last night.  On the way down it was Slayer, Sepultura and High On Fire.  Coming back: Dolly Pardon and Bjork. 

Where were my handlers?  Why didn't I just get a job with UPS back in '86?  
Did you read this?  Hello? Echo!  

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  1. Lovely vids. Nice to know my boy's bizzy, productive. x,ma