Sunday, April 17, 2011

What The Hell Do I Do All Day?

It's like riding a moth. I would have to be able to type in multiple dimensions, simultaneously to accurately explain what I do all day. I would also need a new alphabet just to spell the words. Designing an alphabetter is on my list and I'm not talking about making another wacky font. It is time we revamped our system. I mean, Double U? Where's my Double N 4 M? Gimme a break.

In the meantime, here is one way to make chocolate:


  1. I tried making chocolate with my shopvac. Why does mine taste like hairy sawdust?

  2. You may be tasting remnants of what you ate before.

  3. Great synopsis of the process Charley, we ate some of the samples you gave me and watched it again last night. Amy is hooked, which is good news for me because I will have to come over there regularly to resupply. Can we get a multi-year contract to lock in our supply? I don't want to get pushed out when this goes big. One question, on the label it says it may contain traces of nuts, now I saw the whole process, is there something you didn't tell me?