Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When Yer Hot Yer Hot!

I was just checking the google stats on my blog and the data is truly remarkable. There was a wild spike in my visits on May 12th and I am trying to find out why. From May 1- May 12 there were no visits, then all of the sudden on May 12th BOOM! 2 visits! Out of nowhere I'm going friggin' viral! and I don't know why.


Well, whomever you are, I thank you because I truly believe that you are at least partially responsible for this great contact I made in China. Linda from Duchy Group. They have ways of finding out who is hot and a spike in visits like the one I experienced on May 12th really opened doors for me. It is very complicated but on graph paper it looks a lot like a tsunami.


  [tsoo-nah-mee]  Show IPA
an unusually large sea wave produced by a seaquake, a spike in blog visits or underseavolcanic eruption.

Other designers are probably going to wage  jihad on me for posting this but my gratitude outweighs my fear. I haven't used these guys yet but if their product is half as good as their presentation I am sure they will do a bang up job. Please tell them I sent you. I am guessing you will get the VIP treatment if you do. Let me know how it goes.

this is Linda
and she works for Duchy 
 It's got to be a wonderful company 


  1. I knew you were global as soon as you left VT

  2. Imayhavevisitedyoursiteonmay12June 12, 2011 at 8:36 PM

    As long as you are using geologic-type nouns, I have to point out that the rock Linda (if that's her real name)is sitting on looks like a glacial erratic.

  3. I usually read your post via google reader, and i am guessing by this post that it doesn't count on your stats. I will visit your blog more often. :)

  4. Blackeee took a look at your blog today; he is learning to read and is attending a total immersion course in Labrador dialect...