Monday, June 27, 2011

Where Can I Get My Giddy Switch Tightened?

I got a call from a buddy and he set me up with a tiny gig. Get, crate and ship a painting for a guy back east. This guy's x wife had this painting that he painted back in the 60's. I think they have been divorced for a long time and she has had the painting for something like 30 years.  He likes it and wants it back. There used to be another one that was green and said something like "red red red" on it in green but it got lost. I know. How do you lose a painting that big?

It is a big 6'x6' red canvas with the word 'green' written in red on the red background. 

I grabbed  the giant painting and got it home like Jed Clampett meets Sanford and Son. You try driving on the highway with a giant 6'X6' floppy ass kite covered in cardboard boxes that had been patched together with 30 year old tape in a little Japanese sewing machine pick up truck.

It turns out that the guy who painted it is involved with a  fancy gallery in NYC and this crate was going to his house.

I made the crate for it and I stepped back and thought about this opportunity. I called Ruppert and told him the story and said that if he wanted, he could come over and paint something on the crate but he had to do it instantly. He rode his bike over and knocked this out with the dregs of paint we found in my garage (not bad pickin's) and some borrowed colors from the woman who lives across the street. The brush he used was fashioned from a tuft of dry aged nostril hair, gum and a doll arm.

Conception Execution Celebration: 2 hrs.

Nailed it.
This is what it was like:


  1. Crowd Noise CriticJuly 1, 2011 at 2:45 PM

    Love the crowd noise...oh, and the hair.

  2. uh, but what if I'm not wearing a dress? (this is rad, charley, rad.)