Monday, August 17, 2009

Twin Barrels Are Heating Up

The race is this Saturday.  We are taking the rig to the mountain tomorrow for a test run.  This thing is 10 feet long, probably 400 lbs, and hops like a bull in a rodeo stall.  It is a bone crusher. It will make you a cartoon.  It should have a poet in residence.  It scratches so many itches I can hardly focus.  

Here is how to make one:

First you get three wine barrels.  
Wrap two of them with bicycle tires and staple. 
Countersink and screw the banding to the staves. 
Shove an axle through them.  
On the front barrel you need to build a plates for each side to mount the rotors and the brake assembly
Mount the aforementioned technology
Build yolks
Cut hole in third barrel to accommodate an old truck axle
Bolt third barrel to old truck axle using angle iron
Attach yolks to an old truck axle and third barrel with kingpins
Style and attach gussets where needed 
Build handle bars off of front yoke
Add foot pegs on front yoke for leg steering
Let simmer 

My pal and team mate David Lewin made this image that will be on our race jerseys.  

The ladies love it!

Twin Barrels Burning Team:
Eric Black, Architect
Derrick Benson, Kaizen Leader
David Lewin, Industrial Designer
Sam Tannahill, Winemaker
Trevor McWilliams, Assistant to the Intern
and myself

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  1. Thanks for Gavin's photo-op on the barrels. Hpe the racing went well.