Sunday, August 30, 2009


Presenting one of the biggest tiny tables ever made!  Here is the Peeper set I designed and built for a Waldorf school here in Portland.  If I get an engineering trophy for the slowest car in a derby, I should get something for designing the biggest tiny table.  This thing is McMassive!  It accommodates 16 squirming 4 year olds with room for a teacher.  I am excited to see it get beat up a little so it looks less important.  That shouldn't take too long.
I fabricated this bamboo blockbuster at a guest facility.  The top of my noggin looks like an inverted golf ball from banging it 9000 times on the low duct work in my friend's basement shop but it is all worth it.  Rudolf Steiner would be pleased.
To give you some reference of scale, here is a picture of Kapow Design's oldest intern with Peeper.  

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