Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clowns are animals too!

One of my best friends from high school, Toms Bugby Royal, lives in Wishram WA.  He is a mosaic artist who also works for the railroad, shuttling railroad workers around in a van from the Wishram depot.  He called me yesterday and told me that the Ringling Bros train just pulled up and was letting all the circus animals out to stretch.  He was telling me that elephants were walking past linked by trunk and tail,  horses and tigers, monkeys etc.  I asked him if they let the clowns out.  No.  Of course not.  The clowns weren't allowed to leave the train.  Not even for a second.  I don't think it is fair but I understand.

I am no stranger to clownery.  Unfortunately the documentation of my foray into the realm of the painted funster reveals but one aspect of the blithen darkness,  shrouded by The Tainted Veil of Jelly Beanerie.  I have been an advocate for clowns' rights since I went to the see Ringling Bros on acid back in the 80's.  

My friends and I even went to demonstrate at midnight on the Manhattan side of the Midtown Tunnel when they were bringing the circus animals over from Queens to Madison Square Garden.  We were standing there with the animal rights activists, but our signs said: "Bigger Cars For Clowns!" and "Clowns Are Animals Too!"  Hopefully with your support we can slowly make things better for this misunderstood group.  

My pal Sam Rodd is sort of a pioneer in clown psychology.  He put together this documentary and graciously bestowed upon me the important task of Being Clown.  I am the guy with the red nose.

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