Thursday, January 27, 2011

It Is About Time The Big Apple Had Some Decent Benches

I went to a coffee shop today and ordered a decapitated Al Pacino but I got a decaffeinated cappuccino. I didn't bother sending it back because I was celebrating and there weren't nothing gunna to change my good mood. 

The benches at which I have been hacking away are complete! Not only do they look amazing but I still have all eleven fingers.

They are made from wood I bought from a very creepy dude, next to some train tracks, who could twist my head off like a bottle cap if he wanted. His arms looked like legs with hands that grew from where his neck was supposed to be and his thumbs were like well seasoned iron skillets. He had a mustache that grew over his lip, between the gaps in his teeth and, as far as I could tell, right down his throat. That freakin' guy!

The exciting part is that they will be showcased at the Armory Show in NYC March 3-6. If you are in the neighborhood you should stop by and sit on one. The 56" length gives the book matched slats in the middle a nice little bounce. I want to keep all four of them. They will be in the lobby.  If you show me a picture of you on one and I will send a free t shirt!!

It is all reclaimed pallet wood. Below is a picture of the pile.


  1. Need to see these b4 you ship them.

  2. Maybe you could capture and post the pictures from Regeneration here on the blog! They are so cool. x,ma