Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is not an infrequent occurrence.  I love getting my eyes opened by my kids.  I spent a long time this weekend making a bunch of blocks.  They are pretty basic shapes.  My thought was to just make all the dimensions double starting from 0.75".  That way all the blocks would stack up nicely and walls will be nice and straight.  Lemme tell ya, making blocks is not a lot of fun.  It is all milling.  Loud, dusty and boring.  But with thoughts of my kids creating long beautiful Bauhaus block buildings in my mind, I forged on.  

I fashion myself to be a lateral thinker but leave it to the kids to really tear preconceptions down without a hint of concern or remorse.  Leo, my 4 year old, built this structure first.  

I don't actually have a shop right now.  I had a fun furniture studio around the corner from my house in se Portland but I had to give it up in July for a variety of reasons.  It was called the ButtJoint Studio.  Since then, I have been surfing my friends shops, jumping on their table saws or dulling their jointer blades.  It is pretty pathetic.  It ends up taking me about a year to make a cut.  Below are a couple of pictures of my home workshop.  The clamps are on a little keyboard stand and bench I am making for a client down in LA.  The router is my set up to take down the 300 miles of sharp edges on the blocks I made.  These pics are from today and yesterday.   I am shopless and I am saying "yes" to all kinds of projects right now.  

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