Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urban Hoes: An Agricultural Movement

You can call me "Raised Beds" Charley.

As the apartments I have been working on are winding up, I am thinking about what to do next.  I scheme all day long as I caulk baseboard and fill holes.  I came up with a plan that has legs.  Jessie and I are planing to devote our back yard to some raised beds for some serious urban agriculture. They call our neighborhood urban.  
Why don't I offer to build raised beds for people?  That explains the poster up above.  I put one up at a coffee shop. It occurred to me, however that this was a much bigger idea than me running around dropping boxes in people's yards.  It is a movement!  Urban agriculture is something that makes so much sense and it is timely.  This economy is a perfect setting for flat packed urban farming products!  Think of all the roof top square footage that could be producing yummy healthy local grub.  Sell them through the dreaded Home Depot or some massive box store.  It could be the new fondu set or exercise bike.

***I am going to post a few ideas on this blog.  If you want to poach one, please consider hiring me as a consultant, at least***

I thought Urban Hoes could be a good name.  It is very dynamic.  It reminds me of the ButtJoint Studio.  My old place on SE 26th and Division.  That is Scott, the guy I shared the ButtJoint Studio with, his mother and his sister.  I bet his mother was proud of him, standing under that logo.  

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