Saturday, July 11, 2009

Put It On Casters! Passive Aggressive Furniture Fabrication

Of course architects can design furniture... they design whole friggin' buildings for crying out loud.   But seriously, I love architects.  I pick them out on the street.  As a matter of fact, last year at the ButtJoint I was working with the big door open and this dude walked by.  I asked him if he was an architect and low and behold!  I think it freaked him out.  He probably thought I had met him somewhere but I could actually just tell.  I can pick out bass players too.  

Anyway, I was having a conversation with a couple of architects I know the other day and one says, "I know, take a log and put it on casters!" He snapped his fingers and turned around triumphantly as if all problems were solved and it was that easy.
I was instantly reminded of this log with a few different chair back styles poking out of it at the Hudson Hotel in NYC. 
"That sounds like an architect thing to do." I said.

My friend, an architect, designed the bench at the Hudson.  I never loved it.  I thought it wreaked of what it was: An undeveloped, smartypants whim.  It is like a joke from the movie "Airplane".  With the budget he had... he should have put wheels on it, at least.  I mean, why stop there?  let's put some USB ports in it.  Ohhh, if I ran the Zoo!
Of course, it isn't just architects who do such things.  To my horror and surprise I found this image from something that came out of the Droog studio in Holland.  Same wacky idea but this time they made the chair backs out of metal (maybe gilded).  Holy Irony!  I am guessing an architect who works at Droog did it.  Prove me wrong and I will send you a free t shirt.

So I decided to call my architect friend's bluff and put some casters on a log.  Bring on the awards!  Notify MOMA! Get ID Magazine on the phone! I have to say that it makes moving the log around a whole lot easier and Passive Aggressive Furniture Making is a relatively healthy way to deal with my design demons.   Working it out...

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