Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Glossy Plastiplums: As Green't As It Gets.

Like eating all of the food on my plate, I always feel like I should use all of the two part epoxy I mix for a project.  Today, in a panic, I plasticoated a few plums, on a tree, in a client's back yard.  

My Personal Epoxy System (PES) requires me to mix a portion dictated by the epoxy pump designers, so usually I have a little extra.  Worst case scenario is that I get a jolly, cracking out the paintbrush epoxicle from the yogurt container I used to mix the polymeric elixir.  Wet epoxy is as nasty as it is cool, so I a strive to waste not a single, engineered drop.

I coated a few plums and I am very excited to see what will happen. It may have been the most important thing I did all day.  I am flooded with epoxy integrated plant ideas.  No, good ones... really good ones.  Maybe I will cast some clear cubes around some saplings and grow a fauxrest. How green't is that? Send me some epoxy and I'll freakin' do it.  

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