Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Right To Bear Arms

 My wife works at a really sweet toy store called Spielwerk.  They are the exact type of retail business that is about to get squashed by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act.  From what I understand, if nothing changes, all toys that do not carry the US lead inspection sticker will be illegal to sell.    Because of this, my wife is concerned not only about her job, but the availability of these German suction cup arrows!!  She was going to use her discount and pick up a couple of toy bows and suction cup arrows before they are black market material.  As a matter of fact, if you want some toy bows and arrows you had better git on down to your local toy store and load up before The Man takes them away.
This reminds me of what happened here in Oregon when it was announced that Obama won the election. There was a run on gun stores and huge sales at gun shows because people are afraid Obama is going to take away their bang bangs.  Now it is happening at toy stores!  What next?

I think I am going to make the bows myself, anyway.

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