Tuesday, January 13, 2009

That Was Quick

So much for my job in the manufacturing sector.  I quit.  It was hell.  I quit in a blaze of glory. Sometimes it feels really good to just say exactly what is on your mind.  I realized the uniqueness of my situation and completely indulged in behavior that would only work in that situation or maybe in a Patrick Swayze movie.  It was awesome.  I pan out on me triumphantly walking away from the plant with my middle finger held high.  I wrote the whole thing down but I think it is too long to put here.  Maybe I can post a pdf if you are interested in reading it.  

So my daily inspirational bike ride is not happening and I am back to where I was last week but with a more commuter friendly bike, a freshly sharpened set of chisels and one less company I have to worry about working for.  

Just so you know, I am a designer with two kids.  I have some experience in the juvenile products industry and I am a little nervous about this bill that seems about to pass that will make all child related products have to prove that they are lead free.  It is a bad bad bad bill for a bunch of reasons.  I feel powerless against it so I have been thinking of ways to circumnavigate the system.  I don't do toys anymore.  I do sillyfunctional sculptures for small handed people.  Think it will work?

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