Saturday, March 7, 2009

Peas 'n Carrots 'n subversive activities

Being 41 with a family and a lawn to mow, my rebellious acts are not as obvious as they were back in the day. Besides the infrequent Vesuvian outbursts, I have to mine my daily activities for acts that might be explained as rebellious.  The raised beds idea got me a few emails but nobody actually went for it. I did manage to put in some beds in our back yard. I am looking forward to stickin' it to the man by growing my own beans. 

It may well appear to the passer by that I am a balding dad raking some soil but what is really happening is much different.  I am pioneering a movement towards off the grid urban existence.  There will be networks of urban CSA gardens providing greens to the neighborhood, pulling the rug out from under the system  that brings our garlic from China and our apples from New Zealand.  Crazy.
We had some lavender in a big planter that died so I dumper it out.  I figured out why it died.  The root ball took on the exact shape of the inside of the planter.  There was no soil, just a serious  spaghetti of roots.  

Meanwhile, my daughter has discovered her favorite place to sit in the morning when the heat comes on.

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