Thursday, January 7, 2010


Before I took a few years off the end of my life renovating my bathroom, I spent my kids' college fund renovating my kitchen. All $500 of it. It caused a fraction of the headache the upstairs bathroom produced and it came out looking really sweet. We ripped the hanging cabinets down and opened the room up with shelves made from reclaimed fir from a job site my neighbor had worked on. Here is the new set up and here is how I did it. I drew this picture last night just for the halibut. There was an inquiry on Design*Sponge so I thought I would show how I made the magical floating shelves.
I built the hell out of it. There is probably a better way but this seems to work. This is a view from the back, the part you can't see:

The shelves are lag bolted onto the substrate from behind, snug in the dados and that whole assembly is screwed onto the spacer slats that are anchored to the wall.
We painted the walls over the subway tile with Yolo paint color called Leaf .03. Yolo is a local paint company with a really beautiful set of colors. I have to hand it to them, their presentation is seductive. Instead of single sprayed square samples, they lay them out in palettes on a nice 8.5X11. The application is actually brushed onto the sheet, giving the swatch a painterly feel and a lovely texture. Below is a swatch sheet I scanned. They will sell you a poster sized swatch for $5 too, which is a great aid. We have a bunch of them. I don't know if swatch is the right term for a paint color sample but you get the idea.

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