Saturday, January 16, 2010

MOGmobile Conception: Real Enough to Reveal

The MOGmobile is now in it's second trimester and I feel like I can finally tell people.

Ever since the first sonogram I have been itching to let the cat out of the bag, but if you have ever incubated such a project, you know how it is. I am excited to report that after some initial concerns, we are now looking at a very happy, healthy, fuzzy, blue baby.
If everything works out, I will be driving the real thing down to San Fran in early March. Keep your finger crossed for me and feel free to let me know what you think. I will continue to document the progress. This one is going to be special.
The rendering below is the result of a ringer I brought in from Baltimore, my very good and ultra talented pal Monsieur Ruppert. As a matter of fact, he is making the trek across this great nation to help fabricate. I secured an extremely funky fabrication facility today and purchased a bald van from which the beast shall burgeon. Things are progressing. I am looking forward to generating a bountiful bouquet of blogworthy blather to share with all of my imaginary friends. I will keep me posted.


  1. Will there be some kind of incubating chamber in the space where the mog's brain might be?

  2. well, where would I put the brains?

  3. Looks like a good place for a vaporization chamber.

  4. Sorry, didn't mean to come in all anonymous....or did I...

  5. any updates? very curious about what is happening with the MM.